Grooming Tools

Our grooming tools are specially designed for dogs with harsch coats, but not only that. They are of high quality, sturdy, and exclusive. They will enhance the quality of your grooming for show dogs and also in your grooming salon.


  • W Serie

    The W series of knives is suitable for all types of tough hair. Each knife is designed to optimize work. Made in Belgium, the handles are assembled in a workshop adapted for people with disabilities, and we prioritize the origin of the beech wood from Germany, where a new tree is planted for each one cut down. The knives are also balanced for light use, with two handle sizes providing better ergonomics for the user.

  • T Serie

    The T-series is the ultimate range of grooming tools. Quality, ergonomics, and efficiency are the cornerstone for The Sentinel T-serie

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Use The Sentinel's Eco Shine Palm Brush regularly to create a stunning finish on your show dog. This luxurious brush is specially designed to add shine and texture to a double coat such as a wire-haired breed.
Fine For short parts like body blend and shoulders 
To best care for and style a double coat like that of a wire-haired show dog, The Sentinel has designed the Eco Style Palm Brush. This multi-purpose, luxurious brush meets all your grooming and styling needs
This is a universal knife, for all short and medium parts in commercial grooming, especially the back or for all other work
With the Terrier Pad from The Sentinel, styling and working on wire-haired coats becomes a real pleasure! This deluxe brush in thick leather is completely handmade in Belgium. Its handy design is distinguished by a focus on quality and tradition.
Wide teeth for West Highland White Terrier or Cairn Terrier head, jacket, long parts and legs on all breeds
Combing out a thick coat or one with mats can be difficult. A strong and at the same time light comb will help you. The Sentinel Heavy Duty Comb is just that!    
Coarse For thick, long coats with undercoat and coats which are difficult to strip 
Designed to fit in a pocket, with impeccable quality, this product distributes sebum on the fur, providing shine and shaping for short and medium-length areas.
Extra Fine  For flat work and very sharp finish, for sensitive skin
 Featuring a dual-row tooth design, this tool facilitates 180-degree work capability, ensuring precise grooming
A quality stripping knife is essential for an optimal finish on a wire-haired coat or a coat that needs to be hand-stripped. The Sentinel W8 Commercial Strippers are a must-have for commercial and day-to-day hand stripping.