Our cosmetics are designed to offer perfect care. We create flagship products to take care of the coat and skin. All our cosmetic products aim to incorporate high-quality ingredients, as much as possible, of natural origin, and our packaging is recyclable. Furthermore, our intention is to take care of both the animal and the human user.

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Chalkblock of premium quality and handmade in Belgium  
The perfect shampoo for using after handstripping ! With a 99.4% natural base and containing skin and hair-enriching ingredients such as wheat extract, bamboo extract and more, your wire coated dog and his skin will be taken care of in the best possible way.
Our lightweight, non-greasy serum penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate, forming a protective film on the surface and maintaining a more elastic structure in order to prevent breakage. Plus, it works on any coat - from beards to legs - without leaving any greasiness or staining behind.
The AfterTrim H22 spray from The Sentinel is especially created for our wire-haired friends, it takes care of the skin and the hair. It helps protect the skin after handstripping as well as minor skin injuries. AfterTrim Spray H22 is a synergistic blend of hydrosols for a regenerating effect on the skin. It also relieves irritation due shaving, insect bites, or a hotspot.