H25 Elixir Coat Serum


Our lightweight, non-greasy serum penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate, forming a protective film on the surface and maintaining a more elastic structure in order to prevent breakage. Plus, it works on any coat - from beards to legs - without leaving any greasiness or staining behind.

This unique elixir is the perfect way to bring out your dog’s natural beauty and shine. To get the most out of this product, simply apply it to dry hair, paying special attention to the ends. Then massage it in by hand before brushing with either the T41 brush or T22 TerrierPad deeply up to the tips until you are happy with how smooth the coat is looking. If it looks to dry, just repeat the process after applying more serum until desired results is achieved. We recommend using The Sentinel Coat Serum together with our H21 After-Trim shampoo for an unbeatable gloss and without changing the natural coat structure

It's all in the details: 

•    99% natural Ingrediënts 

•    In aqueous phase for better penetration

•    Will not give a greasy result

•    An ideal treatment for a coat in Top & Show condition

•    Can be used on smooth hair and even in foil

•    Helps the skin to hydrate

•    For a 100% effective product

•    Do not rinse, External use only

VAT included