What do we mean by 'Belgian Quality'?

We work tirelessly from Belgium to ensure impeccable product quality. We advocate for the relocation of craftsmanship to Europe. We prioritize Belgian and European labor, not out of chauvinism, but out of ideology and for ease of production control.

Of course, some products may be manufactured outside of Europe. However, in such cases, we ensure to collaborate with artisans who possess expertise and compensate them fairly.

For Rony & Thierry, The Sentinel project embodies the aspiration for a better world where everyone wins. While our products may come at a certain price, it reflects genuine quality and European craftsmanship.

We believe in product sustainability as the ultimate goal. We prioritize handcrafted work and value the constant reevaluation of manufacturers and enthusiasts alike. Dialogue and accessibility are crucial at The Sentinel; we operate like a family. We stand against the sale of low-quality products and the rapid turnover of fashion and accessories. Our aim is to create unique product ranges with high added value.

We surround ourselves with the best, including groomers, breeders, and individuals with expertise in their technical fields, such as Jitka for cosmetics formulation, Patrick for 3D designs, and Fran├žois for video production.

We envision a better world where dogs hold a central place in our lives and where everyone emerges victorious.

Rony de Munter & Thierry Piedboeuf