H21 After Trim Shampoo


The perfect shampoo for using after handstripping ! With a 99.4% natural base and containing skin and hair-enriching ingredients such as wheat extract, bamboo extract and more, your wire coated dog and his skin will be taken care of in the best possible way.

After Handstripping, wash the dog with the special AfterTrim H21 to keep the natural coat structure (harsh), healthy and protected. Contrary to traditional products, this specially blended formula contains no SLS or parabens – we only ever use safe ingredients that are gentle onto your skin and nourishing to both hair and scalp. Allowing you to maintain a show condition without fear of damage or irritation. 

What’s more, this unique combination of active ingredients also provides antiseptic qualities to keep the dogs coat clean, soothed and moisturised while at the same time using its astringent properties to tighten the pores.

So don’t wait any longer - experience The Sentinel's AfterTrim H21 today and never worry about quality haircare again!

It's all in the Details: 

-Specially formulated for wire-haired dogs in Handstripping

-Use the After Trim shampoo Concentrated to brighten up the coat color. 

-Protects, repairs and enhances skin and coat

-In an aluminum bottle to preserve the active ingredients

-Cools down the skin to prevent irritation and protects sensitive skin

-Delivered with a pump for a perfect dosage

-Available in 250ml 

-Dilution 1:20


Wheat extract to improve repair the skin and illuminate the hair

Bamboo extract to strengthen, protect and help skin fight off pathogens that may be lurking beneath the surface

German chamomile essential oil for its calming and soothing properties

Geranium essential oil for its purifying and purifying properties 

Peppermint essential oil to relieve itching

From Indian neem serving as an antiseptic moisturizing balm on the skin.

How to use: 

After handstripping the dogs coat, wash the dog with the Sentinel After Trim shampoo ( diluted or concentrated)  Rinse the coat thoroughly. 

At the moment the dogs coat is dry , we advice to use the Sentinel Coat Serum , to protect & moisturize the coat and skin .  


VAT included