T21 Terrier Pad


With the Terrier Pad from The Sentinel, styling and working on wire-haired coats becomes a real pleasure! This deluxe brush in thick leather is completely handmade in Belgium. Its handy design is distinguished by a focus on quality and tradition.

Handmade and traditional quality

The back of this special brush is made of high-quality, sturdy and supple leather and the pins are rounded to prevent damage to the coat and skin. Its natural and highly flexible shape makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand. Plus, the more you use The Sentinel Terrier Pad, the more effective it will become for you personally!

Use it to open the coat of a wire-haired dog breed or any coat that needs to be hand-stripped and to style the hair perfectly. Combined with styling products such as chalk (powders) and sprays, the Terrier Pad can be used to straighten the furnishings on the legs, head and back, create extra volume and put every hair in the right direction.

It’s all in the details

Palm brush

Suitable for all (show) dogs with a wire-haired coat or a coat that needs to be hand-stripped

To create volume and style the longer hairs or the entire coat

Also suitable for short- and wire-haired cats (e.g., British shorthair) to create volume in the coat on show


Length: 13.3 cm

Width: 7.8 cm

Height: 2.3 cm

Length of pins: 1.6 cm

Thickness of pins: 0.8 mm*

Weight: ± 58 g


Back: leather and rubber

Pins: stainless steel

Cleaning instructions: The top of the pad can be maintained and cleaned with a leather spray. The pad and pins can be cleaned using a comb and a high velocity dryer. Do not clean the pad with water!

* All measurements are approximate.

Use instructions

Hold the Terrier Pad lengthwise in the palm of your hand and then slightly bend the top and bottom of the brush inwards towards each other.

VAT included