W8 Knife


A quality stripping knife is essential for an optimal finish on a wire-haired coat or a coat that needs to be hand-stripped. The Sentinel W8 Commercial Strippers are a must-have for commercial and day-to-day hand stripping.

Ultra-light and super strong

These high-quality stripping knives are very easy to hold. They are distinguished by their ultra-light and at the same time super-strong properties. Because the blade is curved, this durable, handmade stripping knife gives your thumb extra support during plucking. Your thumb joints will therefore be less stressed.

Thanks to the special design of the teeth, you can also work more quickly with a The Sentinel W8 Stripper without damaging the coat.

All these exceptional properties make the W8 stripping knives ideal for plucking long, thick coats and perfect for a castrated dog’s coat, for example. The latter has a lot of undercoat or underwool.

It's all in the details

W8 stripping knife

With a curved blade for more ergonomic work

For heavier, intensive and commercial plucking of wire-haired breeds and dogs with a coat that needs to be hand-stripped

Not suitable for cats and show dogs

Available in 4 different versions

Choice of 2 different handle sizes (slim for smaller hands and wide for larger hands) and available in a left- or right-handed model

Handmade in Belgium under the supervision of the well-known breeder and groomer Rony De Munter

The blade is made from a high-quality metal alloy that is stronger and lighter than other stripping knives - each knife weighs only around 30 grams! The beech wood used to make the handle comes from sustainable European forests and the varnish is FCS approved and safe for the environment.

Cleaning instructions: These strippers do not require much maintenance. Quick cleaning can be done with a slightly damp cloth.

Stripping knife dimensions:

Total length: 14.2 cm

Thickness handle: 1.7 cm

Dimensions blade:

Width: 2.5 cm

Length (working surface) 4.5 cm*

Weight: ± 32 g

Supplied in a beautiful wooden storage box

* All measurements are approximate.

Tickness Handle
Dominant hand
VAT included