T31 Eco Style Palm Brush


To best care for and style a double coat like that of a wire-haired show dog, The Sentinel has designed the Eco Style Palm Brush. This multi-purpose, luxurious brush meets all your grooming and styling needs

For durable performance with a premium luxury feel

The Eco Style Palm Brush is perfect for general use, but in particular for preparing and styling the feathering of wire-haired show dogs and other double-coated breeds for the ring. It helps you to create extra volume, to 'open' the coat and to perfectly style and finish all parts of the body and especially the legs.

Like the Eco Style Palm Brush, there is no other! It helps deliver unparalleled performance and definition thanks to its versatility. The oval design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and evenly distributes the pressure on the coat, creating an optimal and comfortable brushing experience.

Moreover, this pin brush is also compact. You can easily put it in your coat pocket and take it with you into the show ring.

Each brush is designed with attention to durability, quality, detail and craftsmanship. The back is made of durable and environmentally friendly bamboo. The rounded-tip pins have exactly the right flexibility to make brushing and styling a real pleasure.

What's more, the polished pins provide an antistatic effect. They are made of carbon steel, which is stronger and more durable than stainless steel, and they are embedded in a soft pad. All these excellent qualities make the Eco Style Palm Brush not only gentle on the environment, but also on the dog's hair and skin.

It's all in the details

Luxurious bamboo palm brush with soft pad

Featuring polished and flexible pins with rounded tip

Multi-purpose: suitable for both everyday brushing and show preparation (styling and finishing of breeds with feathering or other longer hairs and of breeds with long coats)

Great for wire-haired show dogs and other double-coated breeds

Designed to be used on both wet and dry coats

Also suitable for cats


Back: Bamboo

Pins: Carbon Steel

Brush pad: Rubber

Cleaning Instructions:

The pins can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, the pad with a mild soap and a little water. Do not clean with oil!


Brush: 11 x 6.3 cm

Pins: 1.7 cm long & 0.9mm thick

Weight: 57g

* All measured data are approximate.

VAT included