T32 Eco Shine Palm Brush

Use The Sentinel's Eco Shine Palm Brush regularly to create a stunning finish on your show dog. This luxurious brush is specially designed to add shine and texture to a double coat such as a wire-haired breed.

For durable performance with a high-quality luxury feel

The Eco Shine Palm Brush meets all your maintenance and styling needs. With this brush, you can polish the coat and keep it looking extra healthy and shiny.

The inner bristles, made of brass, attract dander and other dirt, which will stick to the bristles. By brushing with this shine brush, you can quickly and efficiently remove dirt from the coat and clean the hair, much easier than with other brushes! Your dog’s coat will have an intense, healthy shine.

The outer row of bristles consists of high-quality boar bristle. This hair is particularly strong and resilient and brushes the dog's hair without pulling it. These natural bristles also prevent the coat from becoming static. They smooth out your dog's hair and create an unparalleled shine. At the same time, boar bristles are flexible and therefore gentle on the coat and skin.

The Eco Shine Palm Brush helps deliver unexcelled performance and definition thanks to its versatility. Each brush is designed with attention to durability, quality, detail and craftsmanship. Its oval design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and ensures an even distribution of pressure on the coat, creating an optimal and comfortable brushing experience. The back is made of durable and environmentally friendly bamboo that also has an anti-static effect.

It's all in the details

Luxurious bamboo palm brush with quality bristles made of brass and boar hair

Designed to give the coats of short-haired breeds or breeds with a double coat that needs plucking (e.g., cockers or wire-haired breeds such as terriers) an intense shine, to add texture and help remove dirt such as dander from the hair

This Shine Brush is intended to be used as a finishing brush on dry coats. It should not be used on wet coats or in combination with liquid products. Liquid products will cause the brass (of which the inner bristles are made) to oxidise and rust.

Not suitable for cats


Back: bamboo with a sophisticated finish

Bristles: brass and boar

Brush pad: rubber

Cleaning instructions: For optimum performance of this brush, it is important to clean it constantly using a high velocity dryer (preferably outdoors) or using another brush. Do not clean with water!

Brush dimensions:

Total length: 11 cm

Total width: 6 cm

Bristle length: 2.1 cm*

Weight: ± 106 g

* All measured data are approximate.

VAT included