A1 Leather Pouch

To keep all your favourite stripping knives safe, we have the perfect accessory: The Sentinel Leather Pouch

Made from luxurious leather, Made in Belgium

This beautiful professional pouch made of sturdy, yet soft leather is perfect for anyone who likes to store their precious equipment in a safe and stylish way. It protects all your favourite stripping knives and lets you take them easily with you wherever you go.

Its luxurious design is a treat for the eyes! The chic look with gold details always gives an organised and stylish appearance, whether at home, in your grooming salon, at seminars, at shows or at competitions.

It's all in the details

Classy leather pouch

For safe, organised and dust-free storage of equipment such as stripping knives, terrier pads, combs and smaller scissors

Space for 8 stripping knives in the smaller compartments and 1 comb or terrier pad in the larger side compartment

Made to fit The Sentinel stripping knives, The Sentinel Heavy Duty Comb (26TSE001) and The Sentinel Terrier Pad (28TSE001), but other brands of stripping knives (and scissors) will fit too

Also perfectly sized for safe and easy transport of your grooming material

Equipped with 2 buckles


Total length: 28 cm

Total width: 13 cm

Total height: 3 cm

Length smaller pockets: 12 cm

Width smaller pockets: 5 cm

Maximum height of smaller pockets: 2 cm

Length larger compartment: 28 cm

Width larger compartment: 11 cm

Maximum height of larger compartment: 10 cm*

Weight: ± 465 g

Material: high-quality, sturdy and supple calfskin

Care instructions: To maintain and nourish the leather you can use a spray especially for cleaning and maintaining leather. Only treat the outside of the pouch with the leather spray.

Available in different stylish colours 

* All measurements are approximate.

VAT included